About us

Theguiding idea of SK-Workcompany is reliable, diligent and honest approach to our customers and workers. Transparency of actions and openness to help to all engaged with the labour market is characteristic of SK-work.
The company's goal is to acquire best specialists, to motivate andto provide them with appropriate remuneration as well as tohelp our clients use the best of employees’ skills.Thanks to this our clients have continuity ofwork/production processesguaranteedand our employees feel valued and well rewarded.



We provide welding and metal work services as well as other jobs broadly understood as metal processing ones.
We provide our services on the premises of the client’s production plantor other indicated places under the direction and supervision of the client.
We specialize in services such as: repairing rail vehicles, building and installing steel constructions, building roads, rail lines, and buses. We also offer performing electric works, simple physical tasks in the shipbuilding industry and different services connected with our customer’s needs.
We operate throughout Poland and abroad. We provide services for both companies and individual customers.
As we are a trustworthy and reliable company, many firmscollaborate with us and recommend us to others.
We do not only guarantee appropriate number of workers but we also take responsibility for logistics, e.g. transport and accommodation.
Our company employs qualified teams consisting ofover 800 people from Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan and Moldova.
Our workers are professionally prepared to the demanded tasks realization.
They are given special protectiveuniforms and they undergo medical examinations and OSH training.

Flexibility and fast reaction to our customers’ needs are the factors which distinguish us from other companies and enable our customers’ to increase their production opportunities in a short period of time. Thanks to the collaboration with our company you can reduce your expenditures caused by time-consuming recruitment and candidates’ choice.
We take care of the workers’ needed training and workshop for a particular position. We cover all expenses related to sick leaves, holidays and employees’dismissal.

We encourage you to get acquainted with our detailed offer.

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