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About us


From the beginning, we have one goal -to meet the needs of our Clients effectively. Our company was founded in 2015. Initially, we offered welding, locksmith, assembly and electrician services, operating in the field of production of various types of steel constructions and in the sector related to the production and repair of rail vehicles.With the passage of time, in order to meet the growing expectations of an increasing number of our Clients,we carefully expanded the range of services offered.

Currently, in the addition to the above-mentioned sectors, we cooperate with companies in the field of production of construction reinforcements, production of tanks, exchangers, baskets, pullets, trolleys and internal transport elements, scaffolding, of construction machine bodies, parts for the automative industry,household appliances, cosmetics production, furniture manufacturing, sewing services, production line service and packing, driving buses and in many other areas in accordance with the the needs of the Clients.We carry out orders throughout Poland and abroad.

From the beginning of our activity,we quickly realized that our unique potential is people and their knowledge. In order to offer the highest quality services,we constantly improve the qualifications of our employees including those from Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Moldova, India and Philippines. Employees are professionally prepared to provide services, have the necessary certificates and qualifications.We take care to maintain the continuity of their residence and work permits in Poland.


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Our Mission is ...

To follow the needs of our Clients and meet them effectively.

Our Vision is ...

To be a recognized expert in the field of services provided, whose true partnership approach is
a model for others.

The values that allow us to implement our Mission are:

  • Customer-oriented service – it is for them that we take up new challenges every day and build transparent rules of cooperation
  • mutual respect for people and work
  • honesty
  • professionalism
  • employee development
  • passion
  • commitment