SK-WORK Sławomir Klewek Sp. k.
ul. Sokołowska 56
08-110 Siedlce, woj. mazowieckie
NIP: 9671364219

Whatsapp Viber Telefon  +48 734 449 591

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What we can offer you:


  • Professionalism in our activity - our staff consists of professionally prepared employees from Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Moldova, India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines.
  • Timely performance of services - we perform the tasks entrusted to us in accordance with the agreed deadline
  • The distance is not a problem - the services are provided on the premises of the Client’s production plant or in another location indicated by him - throughout Poland and abroad
  • Transparent rules of cooperation - we focus on long-term relationships based on cooperation,trust and mutual respect, we do not promise more than we can offer, we follow procedures and protect our partners’ secrets, we do not use actions that can be classified as a form of unfair competition.


osoba spawająca części

Services we provide:


  • Welding
  • Metalworks
  • Steel structure assembly
  • Metal machining services(turning, milling, forging etc.)
  • Cleaning and painting of steel structures
  • Electrical/electric installation
  • Simple production i.e. operating production lines, packing details, operating machinery and equipment etc.
  • Sewing
  • Driving buses/trucks
  • And others tailored to the needs of our Clients


Benefits of working with us:


  • serving time and lower costs - entrusting the execution of the order to our company is associated with significant savings and benefits resulting from the lack of the need for timeconsuming recruitment and costly employment of employees
  • professional services - by cooperating with us, you can count on comprehensive services provided by experienced professionals
  • flexibility and continuity of processes - we listen and react quickly to the changing needs of the Client